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More Information:

More Information


As evidence of the commitment to our customers and confidence in our product’s performance, Zimmer Biomet is excited to offer the first and only Bone Cement Warranty program. This program provides a 10 year replacement warranty? for partial and primary knee implants used with Biomet Bone Cement R.

In case of a revision due to aseptic loosening, Zimmer Biomet will cover the replacement cost of the bone cement and knee implant with the prerequisite that a Zimmer Biomet partial or primary knee implant together with non-antibiotic Biomet Bone Cement R was utilized in the primary surgery.


  • Applies to on-label use of Biomet Bone Cement R and associated partial and primary knee replacement implants used in the primary surgery on or after a hospital or facility’s respective enrollment date in the warranty program (please see below for enrollment information).
  • Covers the replacement Biomet Bone Cement R and associated partial and primary knee replacement implants due to aseptic loosening.?
  • Covers the cost of the replacement cement and knee implants only; does not cover hospital costs, co-pays, or other related expenses. To view warranty terms and conditions please? click here.
  • Limited to no more than one complete replacement of the product.
  • Any additional costs associated with surgery or follow-up are not covered.
  • Hospitals and facilities must be enrolled in order to be eligible.

??Subject to terms and conditions within the written warranty.


Step 1: Enrollment

Hospital and facility enrollment must be completed prior to the submission of a patient warranty claim. In addition to completing enrollment, in order for the surgical case to be covered under the warranty, the initial surgery must have occurred AFTER the enrollment date.

To enroll in the Zimmer Biomet Bone Cement Warranty Program, please complete the Hospital & Facility Enrollment Form, provide the most recent Zimmer Biomet invoice as indicated in the submission process. Please click "submit enrollment documentation" to begin.

Step 2: Submit Claim

Warranty claim information must be provided by the operating surgeon and submitted to the Zimmer Biomet Sales Representative within thirty (30) days following the revision surgery in order for the Bone Cement Warranty Terms and Conditions to be effective. ?For questions or inquires on the Bone Cement Warranty and how to complete the claim form, please contact Zimmer Biomet via bonecementwarrantyquestions@zimmerbiomet.com.?To submit a claim please complete the Claim Form as indicated in the submission process. Please click “Submit a Bone Cement Warranty Claim” below to begin.


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